Working For You

We help you understand and tailor all of your financial needs and desires to maximise your wealth in the future.

Your Life

Our aim is to help you set and achieve your financial goals to allow you take charge of your money and your life. Whether your financial ambitions are short or long term, small or large we can help you take the first step to making them attainable.  Whether it be purchasing your first home, investing in property, starting a new business or planning for your retirement, our unique approach to finance means we can help transform your financial dreams into reality.

I think when people are busy with work, family and life, they need someone to do the leg work for working out the best deal for their particular situation - Ray and his associates do that very well. We have trusted Ray's judgement with our loans since at least the year 2000.

Ewen Cowen Mount Lawley

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Your Finance

When it comes to securing your financial loan, any broker can find a bank with a low interest rate, but that’s just the beginning. At Ray Backhouse Financial Services we have the edge, as not only are we mortgage brokers, we are also fully qualified Financial Advisers. This means that along with finding you the loan best suited to your needs, we can also structure it to make sure your money goes further. We take pride in not only assisting with your first loan with us, but helping you on your journey of your wealth creation and planning for your future.

I have been involved with Lisa and the team for a number of years (12 years) that has involved numerous financial contexts (spouse death/ house moves/future planning changes) and through out all of them, I have had nothing but positive support on all aspects. Financial advice has been spot on, but what warmed me to remain was their "real" care of myself and my family. With continual checks on how I was doing (never tried to sell me anything on these contacts) to "catch ups" to ascertain if my financial side of the house was in order. Raising two small children on my own; it was comforting to know Lisa was there behind me making the path smooth so I could concentrate on raising my two girls and providing them warmth and security they deserved. This has only been possible because of Lisa and her team. Don't waste your time going anywhere else, because this team is the best.


Doug Lowson Perth

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